How would I design my own home?!!!

As a designer I always showcase images of how I design other peoples homes. But, I hear you all saying - how would you design your own?!! I have been working on this blog for what seems like forever using the amazing tool that is Houzz (life, work and presentations got in the way of blogging and social media) so I am finally glad I can share it with you. Please do bare in mind that this is all hypothetical. I would have designed the house from scratch to suit my layout and flow of the property and of course there is no budget. Sometimes it is nice to dream and just look at pretty pictures for inspiration (we all do it)!

I love textures in design, depth is vital and my favourite element has to be light. I never mind if it is natural light or created with layers of false light. Lighting can transform a space and as you look through the images you will see all 3 of these elements.

Enjoy xx

Link to Houzz -